Toward Trustful IoT Life

CCDS Overview


General Incorporated Association
Connected Consumer Device Security Council(CCDS)


 Hideyuki Tokuda (President, National Institute of Information and
 Communications Technology, Visiting Professor, Keio University)

Representative Director:
 Tsukasa Ogino (Specially Appointed Professor, Kyoto University)

Managing Director:
 Atsuhiro Goto (Professor, Institute of Information Security, SIP: PD)
 Tsutomu Matsumoto(Professor, YOKOHAMA National University)


Embedded/IoT/M2M in general, Connected Consumer Devices which are not operated (monitored and controlled) by professionals


Goal and Activities


Main businesses

  1. Internal/external trend investigation on security in various field of consumer devices, and interchange/cooperation with internal/external organizations
  2. Development of security technology which satisfies safety and security of consumer devices
  3. Development of security design process, development/preparation of verification method guidelines and promotion of international standardization
  4. Preparation/control of life device verification environment, verification business and human resource development on security, public relations/dissemination activity, etc.

CCDS Organization